Hi! My name is Avery. I live in San Antonio but go to school out of state. When I am away from home I miss everything about San Antonio- the tacos, the Spurs, and the culture. I was trying to think of a way to share what is special about San Antonio with people who live in other places and with people who come to visit. I decided to combine my love of photography with my interest in sharing our city. Our city has such a unique and interesting mix of all types of people and histories. One of my favorite displays of this are our murals. Murals are everywhere in San Antonio! They show the history of places, people, and our city. Anyone can see them and anyone can appreciate them because they are free. It is my goal to help propel San Antonio to the forefront of public art and culture because we are in the perfect place to develop this niche. What better way to advertise our special qualities than to display them all over the walls?


I am a sophomore in high school with an interest in photography, music, food, family, gender studies, and history. I was born in San Antonio and my father’s family has been in Texas for multiple generations. My maternal grandmother is from Cuba -so I am a combination of places and people -just like our city. My grandmother took us on a visit to her home last year. The people in Cuba don’t have many possessions, but they express themselves through art. I was also able to visit Argentina where they have entire city blocks of murals. I think San Antonio can expand this hispanic tradition of murals with our own unique flair.